Product Bible


for Campari Switzerland


Campari Switzerland asked us to design its 2017 Product Bible,

an internal publication which showcases the market relevance of Campari’s

brands within Switzerland.

We got inspired from the amazing work of Fortunato Depero, the 30’s Italian futurist artist who created stunning graphics for that brand, defining a visual language based on that tradition but shaped in a totally contemporary way.

The result consists of a digital and printed publication in which all

the brands of Campari Group have been displayed in a very clean way

to allow a quick and easy consultation.

The color palette, blue, red and gold, its very simple and it’s been defined

starting from the colors of the Campari bottle itself to preserve

the corporate purpose of the publication.


Client: Campari Switzerland —


Size: A4

Print: Hardcover

and UV print


Date & Country:

March 2017 - Switzerland



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The icon system spreads over three levels:


1. the main icon of each alcohol category;

2. historical icons for the initial abstract of every brand;

3. Icons used to enrich infographic production processes.


The work of synthesis is based on the positive and negative spaces

that shapes create intersecting themselves.