is the new religion


If you work in it you just know it: there are people who think that creativity is just a business, a path of exploitation, instead of a way to advance. And obviously that quality is a mean and not the aim itself. And that people, craftsmen of the image, are only replaceable tools that are not always appreciated by the audience.

Past year we decided to take advantage of our holiday time to dedicate this personal project to all those who love work hard and do not create troubles,

to all those who really represent creativity star system and not numbers or money, to all those who have not to defend their jobs compromising other, and to all those who really trust in an image value.

"Creativity is the new Religion" it's a poster that represent the heaven,

purgatory and hell of each creative artist who wants to spread his/her pleasant activity all over. We decided to resume in it all the things we found walking our own professional way till finding ourselves.


Original concept and character design: relajaelcoco and Manu Santana

Modelling chief and 3D expert: Manu Santana

Modelling team: Pablo Galeano, Francesco Furno (relajaelcoco)


Special thanks as advisor to Eugenio Galdeano (lightining expert).

Technical specifications:

Size: 59.4x84.1 cm

(Din A1).


Date & Country:

July 2013 - Spain



#illustration #poster


#3D #modeling