How to be an


infographic expert


Kartz Media Works company from Japan asked us to realize a really smart

and strong project: an infographic to describe how to be an infographics' expert.

What we decided to focus the content on how you can be an expert

recognizing the main parts of an infographic artwork and learning

what is the role of a graphic designer.

This infographics module was realized in 5 languages (Japanese, English,

Spanish, French and Italian) for the webpage.

Here you can appreciate all the details along with parts of the structure.


The content was divided into 3 main parts and 4 sections as follows:

1. The introduction divided in 3 parts:

1.1 · A huge title

1.2 · The text intro

1.3 · A synthesized history of data visualization.

2. The infographics elements divided in 4 sections:

2.1 · What is an infographic

2.2 · The Designer role

2.3 · Types of infographics

2.4 · Structure & type


Translations: English, Japanese, Italian and French by Kartz.

Spanish and Italian by relajaelcoco.

Technical specifications:

Size: A3


Date & Country:

November 2013 - Spain



#graphic #illustration

#infographics #icon