Jot Down #3


Jot Down is a quarterly publication designed in 2012

and publishing its first issue in June.

It is a Spanish publication edited by Wabisabi investments under

the direction and coordination of Brands & Roses agency.

Each issue is a black and white layout of 320 pages each focusing on

a different theme about culture and subcultures, based on a contemporary

and minimal layout that allows good readability of each article.

Our final idea was to enrich each text with different graphic solutions such

as iconographic sets, small infographics and textures trying to fix the

general visual hierarchy creating a huge variety inside each issue.

Every section starts with the cover proposal we did for each issue.

This specific one was made by Elsa Rodrigues and Sfia Brajal

Technical specifications:

320 pages

black and white


Date & Country:

April 2013 - Spain



#editorial #magazine


#icon #layout

We made an infographic of the workflow, showing production details.