La Latina Map


La Latina Map and Pocket Guide is a full colour illustrated project realized in collaboration with Walk with me, a smart company.

The idea was to represent the essence of a sunny Sunday in La Latina borough in Madrid, outlining all the hidden and interesting corners.

Our purpose was to realize a colourful and impactful project using an isometric perspective and a strong system based on synthesis.

We decided to enrich the poster with further information such as a beautiful illustrated compass card, important buildings and big lettering inspired by the Spanish sign painting tradition.


In the walkwithme online shop you will find: the poster and the pocket guide.



  • Cover, cartography, illustrations and textures: relajaelcoco;
  • Inner infographics: Julià Roig and Guillermo Trapiello;
  • Texts: Inés Muñozcano;
  • Guide layout: Walk with Me.

Technical specifications:

Map and guide size:

43 x 57cm (opened)

11,5 x 15cm (closed)


Date & Country:

2013 - Spain



#map #cartography

#illustration #porter

#icon #guide