Mini & Me


An editorial project created for BMW Spain to detail information about the famous car and how it began in England, thanks to Alec Issigonis, to the new

and contemporary models.

The 176 page edition is filled with stickers, paper toys, cardboard games,

comics and infographics.

The main goal was to create an appealing way to show the new Mini and the users' community around it, according to the brand's corporate guidelines.


Agency: Brands & Roses —

Art Direction: relajaelcoco

Collaborator: Juan Díaz Faes (comic illustration)

Artists' participation: Pablo Abad, Velckro Artwork, Ricardo Cavolo, Bakea, Valistika, Blastto and Romualdo Faura

Technical specifications:

25x25 cm / hardcover


Date & Country:

June 2014 - Spain



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