Reinventing the Company


TurnerLibros asked us to realize the cover, infographics, graphics and motion graphics for the BBVA brand new yearbook of 2014 of OpenMind.

We were working defining the main style according to the client’s needs and trying to develop a visual system that should be present from the beginning to the end. The idea was to realize several graphics for each chapter of the book realizing a synthetical content to describe the main subject of each one.

Here you can find a brief selection of the main infographics with the correspondent motiongraphic and few gif of the best shots of the project.


Project direction: Chairman’s Advisory, BBVA —

Edition and production: Turner Libros —

Art Direction: David Cano

Layout responsible: Vero Gorri

Publishing coordinator: Nuria Martínez Deaño

Infographics content: Andrés Tacsir

Infographics layout & storyboard: relajaelcoco

Motion graphics: Rafa Galeano —

Translation: Mike Escárzaga

Copyediting: Tessa Milne

Technical specifications:

17x25 cm / hardcover

452 pages


Date & Country:

January 2015 - Spain



#editorial #book

#infographic #graphic  #animation #motion #motiongraphic #corporate

Chapter I



The Impact of the Technological Revolution

Chapter II



Customers and Markets

Chapter III



People, Talent and Culture

Chapter IV



Workplaces and Cyberworkplaces

Chapter V



Leadership, Strategy and Management

Simple Graphics