Tissot Look Book


Thanks to Brands & Roses, we should realize the look book 2012

for Tissot, the Swiss brand of watches.

The idea was to create a powerful and elegant publication to improve

the present the new collection of clocks an reach as many media as possible.

We decided to realize an hardcover publication, with a white dry embossed

cover illustrating the internal mechanism of a clock. So showing up

an hidden element to outline the amazing beauty of the product.

For the inside pages we developed a clean a minimal layout using

double-page composition with technical descriptions on the left side

and the clock picture on the right.

White spaces are the most important element to create

an impactful and clean structure.

Each watch has a different type treatment to emphasis its main characteristic.

Technical specifications:

Size: 17x24 cm

Dry embossed Hardcover, 80 pages


Date & Country:

2012 - Spain



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